Skripty : Podpora EPS / AI


Tento skript umožňuje vložit vektorově založené Adobe Illustrator (AI), nebo AI-kompatibilní EPS soubory. Je podporovaná pouze vektorová kresba, ne text nebo bitmapové obrázky. Přestože script byl úspěšně testován s různými verzemi formátu AI, nejlepší výsledky jsou pravděpodobně dosaženy se soubory, které byly exportovány v AI3 formátu (testováno s Illustrator CS2, Freehand MX a Photoshop CS2).

ImageEps(string file, float x, float y [, float w [, float h [, string link [, boolean useBoundingBox]]]])

Same parameters as for regular Image() method, with an additional one:

useBoundingBox: specifies whether to position the bounding box (true) or the complete canvas (false) at location (x,y). Default value is true.

Zdrojový kód

* Software: FPDF_EPS
* Version:  1.6
* Date:     2008-02-06
* Author:   Valentin Schmidt

* Last Changes:
* v1.6
* - fixed bug concerning *u and *U operators

* v1.5
* - support for custom stroke colors (X operator)
* - added RGB support

* - with AI/EPS compatibility check (only for files created with Illustrator)
* v1.3
* - handle binary bytes in front of PS code (which before caused troubles for ereg)

* - fixed positioning and BoundingBox handling code (was totally screwed)
* - fix for BoundingBox detection without space after : (now Corel-compatible)

* - added some dirty code to handle compound paths
* - support for custom colors (x operator)



class PDF_EPS extends FPDF{

function ImageEps ($file, $x, $y, $w=0, $h=0, $link='', $useBoundingBox=true){

    $data = file_get_contents($file);
    if ($data===false) $this->Error('EPS file not found: '.$file);

    $regs = array();

    # EPS/AI compatibility check (only checks files created by Adobe Illustrator!)

    preg_match ('/%%Creator:([^\r\n]+)/', $data, $regs); # find Creator
    if (count($regs)>1){

        $version_str = trim($regs[1]); # e.g. "Adobe Illustrator(R) 8.0"
        if (strpos($version_str, 'Adobe Illustrator')!==false) {

            $version = (float)array_pop( explode(' ', $version_str) );
            if ($version>=9)

                $this->Error('File was saved with wrong Illustrator version: '.$file);
                #return false; # wrong version, only 1.x, 3.x or 8.x are supported

          #$this->Error('EPS wasn\'t created with Illustrator: '.$file);

    # strip binary bytes in front of PS-header

    $start = strpos($data, '%!PS-Adobe');
    if ($start>0) $data = substr($data, $start);

    # find BoundingBox params
    preg_match ("/%%BoundingBox:([^\r\n]+)/", $data, $regs);
    if (count($regs)>1){

        list($x1,$y1,$x2,$y2) = explode(' ', trim($regs[1]));

    else $this->Error('No BoundingBox found in EPS file: '.$file);

    $start = strpos($data, '%%EndSetup');
    if ($start===false) $start = strpos($data, '%%EndProlog');

    if ($start===false) $start = strpos($data, '%%BoundingBox');

    $data = substr($data, $start);

    $end = strpos($data, '%%PageTrailer');
    if ($end===false) $end = strpos($data, 'showpage');

    if ($end) $data = substr($data, 0, $end);

    # save the current graphic state


    $k = $this->k;

    if ($useBoundingBox){

        $dx = $x*$k-$x1;
        $dy = $y*$k-$y1;

        $dx = $x*$k;
        $dy = $y*$k;

    # translate
    $this->_out(sprintf('%.3F %.3F %.3F %.3F %.3F %.3F cm', 1,0,0,1,$dx,$dy+($this->hPt - 2*$y*$k - ($y2-$y1))));

    if ($w>0){
        $scale_x = $w/(($x2-$x1)/$k);

        if ($h>0){
            $scale_y = $h/(($y2-$y1)/$k);

            $scale_y = $scale_x;
            $h = ($y2-$y1)/$k * $scale_y;

        if ($h>0){
            $scale_y = $h/(($y2-$y1)/$k);

            $scale_x = $scale_y;
            $w = ($x2-$x1)/$k * $scale_x;

            $w = ($x2-$x1)/$k;
            $h = ($y2-$y1)/$k;


    # scale
    if (isset($scale_x))
        $this->_out(sprintf('%.3F %.3F %.3F %.3F %.3F %.3F cm', $scale_x,0,0,$scale_y, $x1*(1-$scale_x), $y2*(1-$scale_y)));

    # handle pc/unix/mac line endings
    $lines = split ("\r\n|[\r\n]", $data);

    $cnt = count($lines);
    for ($i=0;$i<$cnt;$i++){

        $line = $lines[$i];
        if ($line=='' || $line{0}=='%') continue;

        $len = strlen($line);

        $chunks = explode(' ', $line);

        $cmd = array_pop($chunks);

        # RGB
        if ($cmd=='Xa'||$cmd=='XA'){

            $b = array_pop($chunks); $g = array_pop($chunks); $r = array_pop($chunks);

            $this->_out("$r $g $b ". ($cmd=='Xa'?'rg':'RG') ); #substr($line, 0, -2).'rg' -> in EPS (AI8): c m y k r g b rg!


        switch ($cmd){
            case 'm':
            case 'l':

            case 'v':
            case 'y':
            case 'c':

            case 'k':

            case 'K':
            case 'g':
            case 'G':

            case 's':

            case 'S':

            case 'J':
            case 'j':
            case 'w':

            case 'M':
            case 'd' :

            case 'n' :
            case 'v' :


            case 'x': # custom fill color

                list($c,$m,$y,$k) = $chunks;
                $this->_out("$c $m $y $k k");


            case 'X': # custom stroke color
                list($c,$m,$y,$k) = $chunks;

                $this->_out("$c $m $y $k K");

            case 'Y':

            case 'N':
            case 'V':
            case 'L':
            case 'C':


            case 'b':
            case 'B':

                $this->_out($cmd . '*');

            case 'f':
            case 'F':

                if ($u>0){
                    $isU = false;
                    $max = min($i+5,$cnt);

                    for ($j=$i+1;$j<$max;$j++)
                        $isU = ($isU || ($lines[$j]=='U' || $lines[$j]=='*U'));

                    if ($isU) $this->_out("f*");


            case '*u':

            case '*U':


            #default: echo "$cmd<br>"; #just for debugging


    # restore previous graphic state

    if ($link)

    return true;





$pdf=new PDF_EPS();

// Strana 1: AI
$pdf->ImageEps('', 15, 70, 180);

// Strana 2: EPS z odkazu
$lnk = $pdf->AddLink();

$pdf->ImageEps('bug.eps', 30, 20, 150, 0, $lnk);

// Strana 3: AI

$pdf->ImageEps('', 10, 50, 190);







Author: Valentin Schmidt
License: FPDF